Ultimate Morning Routine Habit 1 - Get a dose of Movement

habits ultimate morning routine Feb 06, 2021
Get a dose of movement

Get a 7-minute dose of movement first thing in the morning. 

You can do a few doses but commit to one, every day.  Start with our Seven Minute Morning 5-day Challenge and then graduate to our Daily Dose Platform

Only 1 in 5 North Americans are hitting their recommended daily exercise targets of 30 minutes of moderate to intense activity every day. 

Getting a dose of movement in first thing in the morning gets our day off on the right foot as it relates to exercise.  It gets us 25% of the way towards our goals before the day even kicks off.  Talk about a head start.

The movement also activates digestion, starts getting hydration and blood flow to the soft tissues, and activates the brain.

Make your Habit Stick

Using the Laws of Habit Creation from James Clear's: Atomic Habits

Make it obvious:

  • Download the Kajabi app so your movement doses are accessible on any device
  • Set up your Home Wellness Center environment to make it easy to jump into the movement

Make it Attractive:

  • Celebrate your habit by sharing your consistency on social media.  Tag us in your story and we will be sure to share
  • Challenge a friend
  • If there is one thing you love to do in the morning make it contingent on you getting a dose of movement first

Make it Easy

  • Download the Kajabi app to make access easy
  • Have your workout clothes ready to go beside your bed

Make it Satisfying

  • Seven Movements doses are expertly programmed to leave you feeling better in minutes or less
  • Do not be afraid to share your success on social, brag a little, and make your dose of movement something to celebrate every day

Some tools to make your movement habit stick

  • Join the Seven Movements Community for free and get access to the 5- Day Seven-minute Morning Challenge

  • Subscribe to the Seven Movements Daily Dose Platform and start building your Ultimate Home Wellness Center



You can join the Seven Movements community for free and get access to a ton of cool resources to start your wellness journey including:

  • 5-Day Seven Minute Morning Challenge
  • Seven Movement Meditation Series
  • How to Build the Ultimate Home Wellness Center Guide
  • Ultimate Morning Routine Checklist
  • Ultimate Sleep Routine Checklist
  • Daily Healthy Checklist
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