The Momentum Program

A wellness program for those suffering from

chronic conditions

Momentum changes everything

Imagine a boulder, and your job is to roll that boulder across a field.  So you start leaning on the boulder, it doesn't budge.  You take a run at the boulder, it doesn't budge.  You summon up all of your strength for one last push to get the boulder rolling, it does not budge an inch!

This is what it can feel like when starting a new wellness program.  To overcome that initial inertia can take a tremendous amount of force.  It is why most new diet and exercise programs fail.

Now imagine walking up to that boulder with 4 of your friends.  Not only that, your friends brought some tools to help get the boulder rolling.  Together you lean into that boulder and it slowly begins to turn. Now you are rolling along with the help of your new friends.

This is what it is like to work with Seven Movements as we put a wellness team behind you.  Your team will give you that initial push which is exactly what you need to build momentum.  Once you are rolling you simply need the odd nudge to keep things going.

The Momentum Program

The Framework: Your team of 4 coaches working together to give you the support and tools you need to succeed

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Unlimited Access  

Never feel alone in the process again.  Never feel like you have to wait to ask questions.  Your health coach is your point person and with you from day 1, constantly monitoring your progress, communicating with you, and providing your the 1:1 support you need to feel your best.

It is time for an exercise program tailored to your needs, you will spend 6 sessions with an exercise coach.  Our exercise coaches are world-class and are focused on building you a movement program that is sustainable and focuses on your long-term health.  

Pain free movement

Healthy eating made simple

Say goodbye to dieting. You will spend 6 sessions with our registered dietician to plan a long-term and sustainable healthy eating plan. You will also get free access to our grocery delivery & meal planning service Easier Chef. 

Starting new things is hard.  There is a reason most people fail when trying to implement new healthy habits into their lives.  You will have 3 sessions with a mental health coach where you will focus on goal setting, building resiliency for when things get difficult

A resilient mindset


Seven Movements Daily Dose Program with Lebert Fitness EQ Bars

We will send you one of the best pieces of home fitness equipment on the market and a 90-day program designed to be your daily movement supplement.

($210 Value)

The single best recovery tool on the market.  This little device will change how you recover forever and your exercise coach will incorporate it into your recovery plan.

($200 Value)

A wellness team to support you
The Momentum Program gives you a level of support like no other
Health Coach

Your daily touchpoint.  They provide daily monitoring, communication, and serve as your point of contact for the program

Exercise Coach

Your movement expert.  Whether it is an injury or a challenge to find time to exercise your coach will develop an exercise program with you.


Your registered dietician will work with you to find the healthy eating plan that will work for you and your lifestyle.

Mental Health Coach

An often neglected part of a wellness program your mental health coach will help you work through a goal-setting framework, building resiliency, as well as overcoming barriers that have prevented you from success in the past

Two Programs


Health coach - 2 calls at beginning and end of program

Exercise Coach - 2 sessions to identify problems areas and build two week exercise program to follow

Dietician: 2 sessions to identify problem areas and build healthy eating strategy

Mental health Coach: 1 session to develop goal-setting strategy and discuss barriers


Health Coach: 7 scheduled sessions, unlimited messaging support, daily monitoring & communication.  The CEO of your health!

Exercise Coach: 6 sessions to build you a long term sustainable exercise program based on your needs

Dietician: 6 sessions to build you a long term sustainable health eating program based on your unique dietary needs

Mental health Coach: 3 sessions to set goals and have a resiliency plan when barriers block our progress

Free access to Easier Chef portal for free meal planning and grocery delivery

Access to our Lebert Fitness Daily Dose Program and a set of Equalizer bars

A Hypervolt Go from Hyperice

Getting started

Getting started is easy

1. Book a call with one of our Health Coaches

2. They will ensure you are a fit for the program and get you signed up

3. Schedule your kick-off call with your new Health Coach

Frequently asked questions

What do I do when the program ends at 90 -days?

Rememeber this program is designed to help you build momentum. After 90-days you will have that momentum but you may want to keep some of your practicioners available. By this time you will have a good idea of the areas you may need additional support in. Chat with your health coach about want addtiional supports you might need. After going through the Momentum Program you will be able to purchase individual packages from the practioners you want. Whether you want to keep your health coach on for continual support or purchase some exercise sessions because you find them most valuable you will be able to make the call. You can add additonal support when you need it.

What are your coaches qualifications?

We have some of the most incredible coaches in the world. Learn mroe about them here

Who is my first session with?

Your first session is always with your Health Coach. They are your guide and your best friend throughout this entire process. They will help you build a plan of action, they will help you coordinate with the other coaches and get your sessions scheduled, and they will be continually montior your progress and be there for support when you need it.

How do I get started?

Book a call with one of our Health Coaches today. They will make sure you are a good fit to the program and get you started and set up with your portal and your first session.

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