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SItting all day is costing you your health!

Pain, lethargy, an inability to focus, an increased risk of chronic disease can all be linked to simply not moving frequently enough. In fact, that gym session you do before or after work won't mitigate the negative effects of not moving frequently throughout the day.

Enter Teammate, we are inviting you to move with us, for free, once a day, for just 7-minutes.  Start feeling the power of building small doses of movement into your workday to break up those long bouts of sitting or standing still.

Join our world-class coaches, for FREE, as they lead a daily live 7-minute movement session every workday and experience the difference just one small dose of daily movement can bring you.

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Move for 7-minute's a day with our world-class coaches and learn how micro-dosing movement can:

  • Eliminate and prevent pain
  • Help you refocus on a task
  • Energize you for a big moment
  • Control and relieve anxiety
  • Eliminate a sugar craving
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FAQ: Is this really a free program?

Answer:  Yes it is, our Seven Movements coaches are donating their time to help you bring effective movement to your workday.

"A happy healthy break in your day"

Our sedentary workplaces are destroying our health.  It doesn't have to be this way.  SImple effective movement breaks daily will help you:
Move Better
Feel Better
Think Better
Experience the power of Seven Movements and micro-dosing movement throughout your day.  YOu have nothing to lose.  It si 100% free to show up!


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Move with us for 7-minute daily

Show up and move!  Every workday one of our world-class coaches will lead you through a 7-minute movement session you can do right at your desk.

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Bring employees together, build community, and create healthy habits with the Teammate Program.

Let us custom design a program to develop the workplace habits your employees need to succeed


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