Courses that will change your life

Losing the ability to do the activities we love because of age is tragic​, it does NOT have to be this way.  

  • 10 minutes/day

  • 60 Days, 20 lessons

  • No Equipment

For those seeking to continue doing the activities they love for life. 


This program does not focus on short term fitness outcomes but on health and longevity.  Over 60 days you are going to become a world-class mover and take total control of your health.

Our workplaces are killing us!


We all know we need to sit less at work.  Learn to use short frequent bouts of movement throughout your day to combat the negative effects of sitting.

  • 10 minutes/day

  • 20 days/ 10 lessons

  • No Equipment

Say goodbye to tension headaches and back pain and hello to more energy.  It is time to take your workplace self-care to the next level.

Taking care of your body after the baby can seem impossible.  Amy will show you how to use small frequent bouts of movement (cuz let's face it that is all the time you have anyways) to get your body moving safely again.

  • 10 minutes/day

  • 12 weeks/12 lessons

  • Private FB group with Amy herself

  • No Equipment

Let's get moving together again.  We got your back!

What if you could use short small movement strategies throughout your day that would allow you to play pain-free golf for life?

  • 10 minutes/day

  • 30 days/10 lessons

  • No Equipment

Improve your health and your golf game using 

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