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A lack of consistency is costing you

Building an exercise habit is difficult. Unfortunately, the fitness industry has been focused on making exercise as intense and complex as it can.  The result: 1 in 5 of us are actually building the exercise habits we need to maintain long-term well-being.

There is nothing wrong with intense and complex exercise.  We love these programs.  But even the ones that yield successful, and often temporary, results are not sustainable in the long term

Seven Movements makes it easy to develop an exercise habit for life. 

Our programs are simple: complete four 7-minute doses of movement every day and never wonder if you are hitting your exercise targets again.

90-Days to Health

Our signature programs included in your Daily Dose Program Membership are designed to help you build a habit for life.  Over 90 days you will complete 4four 7-minute micro-doses of movement/day to get your daily dose.

Start with the equipment-free program or choose one of the tools included in our Ultimate Home Wellness Center.

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The Ultimate Movement Supplement

Your subscription gets you access to all programs present and future. There are equipment free, dumbbell only, and programs with all of the tools included in our Ultimate Home Wellness Center.

Our 90-Days to Health programs deliver four 7-minute doses of movement to be completed every day over 90 days.   You can complete them randomly throughout your day or combine them into a 28-minute workout to ensure you get your daily dose. 

Build an exercise habit that sticks.  For life.

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Programming for all of the tools in the Ultimate Home Wellness Center

  • Equipment Free
  • Dumbbell Only
  • Hyperice Recovery
  • Lebert Fitness Equalizer
  • Hyperwear Sandbells
  • VIPR Pro

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