Seven Movements Daily Dose Programs

Harness the power of micro-dosing movement throughout the day

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It is hard to find the time and effort to improve your health

It can be challenging to consistently hit the 30 minutes a day of exercise required for long-term health.  We are busy, we are overwhelmed, and quite often we don't have the energy for exercising after work.

Daily Dose provides a simple way to stay consistent, break up periods of prolonged sitting during your workday, all while hitting your required exercise targets by breaking up your exercise into 7-minute bouts you can do throughout the day.

Getting started is simple


Pick your 90 - day Program

Choose between our dumbbell program and programs with some of our favorite home fitness equipment!


Schedule your movement breaks

Decide the best times for your 7-minute movement breaks.  Do them sporadically throughout the day or combine them into a daily workout.


Discover the power of micro-dosing movement


Just four 7-minute movement breaks each day

The Program that helps everyone

Discover how micro-dosing movement throughout your day can help you think, move, and perform better

Office workers

Make your workday work for you!

Energize, reduce stress, and prevent those nagging injuries by fitting some movement snacks into your day.

Discover the power of consistency!​

Recover and move the body throughout the day so when competition time comes you are primed to perfrom your best.


Keep it simple!​

Micro-dosing movement is a great way to introduce exercise back into your lifestyle without it becoming overwhelming.  Let's get started

Why microdose movement?

Get Started in Minutes

It's easy - just 7-minutes at a time

It is convenient - sneak in your 7-minute breaks throughout the day

It's effective - scientifcally programmed to improve your cardio, strength, mobility, and recoverability

It prevents pain and injury - too much sitting is costing us our health, break up your stagnation with small movement breaks thorughout the day

Three Amazing Program to choose from
Dumbbell Only

A set of dumbbells is all you need.

Allow coach Vijay to guide you through 7-minute movement breaks that will leave you feeling amazing.

LEBERT-FINAL-COLOUR (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Lebert Fitness Equalizer

One of the most versatile home fitness tools on the planet.

If you are looking to take your movement break game to the next level this program is a must. 


Hyperwear Sandbell Pro

Another must-have for the home gym.  These are super simple to have around the office to add some variety and challenge to your movement breaks.

Frequently asked questions

How long is this program?

These programs are 90 days long. Each day contains 4- 7 minute micro-doses of movement to complete. They are broken into 4 categories : Strength, Cardio, Mobility, and Recovery. It is easy to follow. Every video is 7-minutes long and you simply follow the coach. Great news: When you purchase this program you get access to it for life so you can re-do the program as many times as you like.

I have not exercised for long time, is this program for me?

Yes! In fact, this program was perfectly designed to invite you back into the world of exercise without overwhelming you. At the end of 90 days you will increase you capacity for exercise, increase your knowledge of what you can do in the gym, and simply be moving, thinking, and feeling better. What would it look like if you could actually hit your daily exercise targets throughout your workday? And if those movement snacks could actually get you feeling and moving better so you would want to participate in even more activites before and after work? Now you are not only hitting your exercise targets you are destroying them!

Can I get a coach with this program?

Absolutely, in fact, we reccomend it. A coach will provide the support and accountability you need to complete the program and effectively integrate more movement into your life. They will help you set achievable goals, overcome any obstacles in your way, and will be able to guide you at the end of your program towards potential next steps. You can find the Bio's of all of the Seven Movements health coaches here

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