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If you located in Alberta or Ontario Canada you can have this program prescribed to you by your physician and get it 100% FREE.  For more info click HERE

We could all use a Fresh Start once in a while 


Build habits and finally get on the road to long term health with our Fresh Start Progam.  Learn to micro-dose movement throughout your day to hit your exercise targets.

Sometimes we need to take a step back, reject our old habits, and start to build new healthy ones. 

This is what this online course does

For 21 days you will commit 7 minutes to learning a new movement startegy and practicing it 3 times per day

You will implement small habits daily without making overwhelming change

Teach you the skills to start micro-dosing movement throughout your day to meet exercise targets

Start your journey to taking control of your health

If you are located in Alberta or Ontario. Canada your can ask your physician to prescribe this program th and get it for free.  Click HERE for more info.

Why Seven Movements?

Prevent Pain and Injury
Increase your energy
Prevent disease
Live Longer

"The science is clear, short frequent bouts of movement throughout the day are critical to your long term health, much more so than your daily trip to the gym"

- Dan Tatton

Build Habits
Learn to systematically build healthy habits into your life that last
Move More
Learn strategies to fit more frequent bouts of movement into your workday, right at your desk.
Create Freedom
Pain can ruin productivity, let us show you how to prevent pain before it starts simply and effectively.

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