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What if your exercise program could be centered around an activity you love?


Play City has teamed up with Seven Movements to offer this one-of-a-kind program!

Too often exercise programs are centered around activities we really don't enjoy.  We are told we have to dig deeper and that we are not supposed to enjoy the journey to progress in our health.

This program combines a love of hiking and spending time with people outdoors with a daily movement habit that will be working in the background to make you stronger, healthier, and more confident!


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What's included:

1. 90-Days Access to the Seven Movements Daily Dose Platform (this is your daily homework)

Your membership gives you access to Seven Movements 90-day programs including:

Every program delivers four 7-minute micro-doses of movement to complete each day.

The Daily Dose programs are the movement vitamins you take every day to fulfill your fundamental exercise needs!  Cool right?!

We will progress through this program together, hold each other accountable, and build a daily movement habit that will make us stronger, more mobile, and perform better during our hikes.

** We even talked to Lebert Fitness and if you want to use their Lebert Equalizer Bars for your Daily Dose program, you can use code: SEVEN and get 25% off when you purchase your bars!  Remember, there is an equipment-free and dumbbell only program as well if you don’t want to purchase any equipment

2. Three guided hikes in the Kananaskis Region

Polls will be taken for specific dates/locations at the beginning of the program.  We will start with an easy to moderate hike progressing to something a little more challenging at the end.

3. Six Bi-weekly LIVE virtual group health coaching sessions with Dan from Seven Movements (Yeah you get a coach):  These calls will be our accountability check-in, cover a specific wellness topic, and ask you to pick a small healthy habit you want to focus on over a two week period.  We keep it light, we keep it fun, but we always take action!  Need some one-on-one support?  We can arrange that too!


You are ready for this program if:

  • You have a love for HIKING and connecting with people
  • You want to reclaim your health so you can stop jumping from one exercise program to the next hoping for short term results
  • You are ready to ENJOY exercise rather than avoid it
  • You want to experience the compound effects of a consistent exercise habit for life


The tools and support you need

A Daily Dose of Movement

The Seven Movements Daily Dose Platform will form our daily homework. 

This is the exercise vitamin you take daily to cover your baseline exercise needs.

When you discover the compounding effects of CONSISTENCY your mind will be blown

You can get more info on Daily Dose here


The Big Hikes

There is nothing more fun than getting outside and moving with a bunch of awesome people.

We will do three guided hikes in this program that will progress in difficulty as we move through the program and get stronger.

And don't worry you will have support every STEP of the way :)

Bi-Weekly Coaching

This program is about using an activity we love as a catalyst to long last health habits that stick!

Every second week we will do a virtual group coaching call for an accountability check, answer questions, and focus on a new healthy habit to build over that 2-week period.

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!


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You are 90-Days away from a lifetime of good health


It is time we had fun with exercise. It is time to MOVE. CONNECT. ENJOY.

This year let's ditch the one and done 12-weeks to a summer body challenge and let's make exercise fun and CONSISTENT.

Make new friends while getting stronger.  Build a daily exercise habit.  And reap the rewards of the compounding effect of a consistent exercise habit.


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