Seven Movements Long Covid Recovery Program

Take control of your recovery with 30 small steps and the support of a health coach

Take back control of your health

Suffering from the symptoms of long covid can be agonizing and frustrating.  Activities that used to come easy now take maximal effort, our energy fades faster than before, and we just can't seem to get back on track.​  Traditional fitness programs will not work for you as you don't have the capacity to simply jump back into things

Seven Movements are the pioneers of teaching people how to micro-dose movement for health.  We have taken that same approach to this program.  Small steps you can take every day to slowly take back control of your health.  ​

The best part, you get to rebuild from the ground up so when you get back to a healthy state you are going to have all of the habits, strategies, and knowledge you need to continue to improve your health.

Coach supported and self-paced


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Book a free consult with a health coach to make sure the program is right for you


Meet your Coach on Zoom

They will be your guide as you navigate the step by step program


Start your road to recovery


 Progress through the 30 steps at your own pace with the support of your health coach

A different kind of program
30-steps to progress you back to your baseline so you can continue to participate in the activities you love

Begin with small steps to improve your cardiovascular & cardiorespiratory health


Then begin getting the body moving well again

Movement Accuracy

Start coordinating movement into activities


Progress the bodies capacity to recover faster and faster from stressors

Two Programs


Lifetime access to the online 30-step Long Covid Recovery Program

30- days support from your health coach. 2 scheduled calls and daily monitoring/communication through messaging app

Access to a client portal/app


Lifetime access to the online 30-step Long Covid Recovery Program

90-days support from your health coach. 6 scheduled calls and daily monitoring/communication through messaging app

Access to client portal/app

All programs include 1: 1 Support

Get your very own health coach to help you:

Progress through the 30-steps at a pace that is safe and personal to you

Overcome obstacles that may present themselves as you progress through the program

Stay accountable to the program.  Remember, consistency trumps intensity.

Support you when you need it most.  Challenge you when you need to progress.

Frequently asked questions

How long is this program?

This program is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace through the 30 steps with the support of your health coach. It includes your health coach for 3 months. It is important to remember that this program is designed for you to go through at your own pace. It is 100% OK if it takes you longer than 3 months. Your package gives you lifetime access to the online content. And you will have the ability to renew your coaching as you need it.

30 steps seems like a lot? Am I ready for this?

Yes! At Seven Movements we break thing down into small acheivable steps. Some steps might take a a few days to master, others a couple of weeks. Remember, you have the support of a Seven Movements Health coach throughout this whole journey and each step is deisgned to move you closer and closer to getting back to a baseline of being able to fully participate in the activities you love again.

Who are the Seven Movements Health Coaches?

You can find the Bio's of all of the seven movements Health coaches here

How do I know which program is right for me?

The best thing you can do is book a free call with one of our health coaches and they will help you decide which program is the best for you at this time. Our elite program is designed to provide you the unlimited communication, monitoring, and support you need from your coach to effectively progress through this program. The standard program is excellent for those who have habits and practices already built that allow them to partcipate in a program like this and stay consistent. They still get contact with their coach to support them but they practice a little more self-assessment to get through the program.

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