An online course that will teach you simple and proven 7-minute movement strategies that you can do right at your desk to make sure your office job never destroys your health again.

Our office jobs are making us fat, tired and unhealthy 

It does NOT have to be this way

Too many of us feel that the PAIN we feel at work is just part of the job. That the SORE BACKS and HEADACHES are just a regular part of business. How much productivity do you lose when you begin to run out of ENERGY at the end of the day?


This 21-day course asks you to make a 7-minute commitment each day to learning a new movement strategy that you can do right at your desk. 

Seven Movements makes it EASY to turn your workplace into an environment that can serve your health rather than stealing from it.

Contact us if you would like to bring Seven Movements to your workplace as part of its workplace wellness initiative.

Commit just 7-minutes a day

In this 21-day course, you will learn:

A daily 7-minute movement strategy you can practice right at your desk

A proven formula for eliminating pain, increasing energy, and preventing injury

A simple and effective way to reduce your sitting time and hit your exercise targets without leaving your desk

Why an office job does not mean you are destined for weight gain

How to use small bursts of movement to prevent fatigue and increase productivity without resorting to unhealthy behaviours

Say goodbye to your office making you fat, tired, and unhealthy

Seven Movements in the workplace:

"I've had back pain for 5 years, I did the Seven Movements Ergonomics PLUS course and really started  micro-dosing some of the movement strategies I learned, I am back pain free for the last 3 months" - Ed, Calgary Canada
"I was pretty skeptical they could make me feel better in just 7-minutes, but it works, the headache strategy is like some kind of sorcery because it works every time, I love Seven movements" - Julia, Virginia
"Seven Movements has changed how I work at home, I micro-dose movement all day and get over 150 minutes of movement every week right at my desk, I have noticed some of the knee pain I used to feel on my runs is gone, thank you Seven Movements" - Chris, Vancouver, Canada

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