Learn how you can use small bouts of movement you can do right at your desk to prevent pain, increase energy, and prepare your body to better enjoy your after-work activities 

Most of know we need to move more at work:

But there is a problem... 

We don't know how to fit more movement in at work effectively

We try to implement traditional "fitness" into our workplace and realize it is not practical

It is inconvenient

You are in too much pain to move frequently and effectively

Seven Movements is here to teach you how to use micro-doses of movement at the workplace to prevent pain and injury, increase your energy, and prepare your body for your favorite activities.  Let us show you how.

The online health intervention that gets you moving 7-minutes at a time.

Prevent Pain and Injury
Increase your energy
Prevent disease
Live Longer

"The science is clear, short frequent bouts of movement throughout the day are critical to your long term health, much more so than your daily trip to the gym"

- Dan

Build Habits
Learn to systematically build healthy habits into your life that last
Move More
Learn strategies to fit more frequent bouts of movement into your workday, right at your desk.
Create Freedom
Pain can ruin productivity, let us show you how to prevent pain before it starts simply and effectively.

"The second book we wrote at Seven Movements was a result of  me spending time working in a call center after university, it is called Seven Movements to Keep you Pain-Free and Healthy in the Office focused on showing you how to use short frequent bursts of movement throughout your day to serve your health"

- Dan Tatton

Co-Founder Seven Movements

Seven Movements in the workplace:

"I've had back pain for 5 years, I did the Seven Movements Ergonomics PLUS course and really started  micro-dosing some of the movement strategies I learned, I am back pain free for the last 3 months" - Ed, Calgary Canada
"I was pretty skeptical they could make me feel better in just 7-minutes, but it works, the headache strategy is like some kind of sorcery because it works every time, I love Seven movements" - Julia, Virginia
"Seven Movements has changed how I work at home, I micro-dose movement all day and get over 150 minutes of movement every week right at my desk, I have noticed some of the knee pain I used to feel on my runs is gone, thank you Seven Movements" - Chris, Vancouver, Canada

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