Ditching Diet Dogma: Decipher Facts from Fads that Put Your Health at Risk, and Finally Get Control

3 Principles to Take Total Control of Your Diet

Let's talk about dieting.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with your diet. In fact, we encourage it. Testing diets that might work for you is never a bad thing. Where we get into trouble is when we get stuck in diet dogma.

We need to make sure we are looking at our diet as a lifestyle and something we can do sustainably for the rest of our lives. We must resist the urge for quick fixes, magic potions, and other such programs that are not only unsustainable but completely take the enjoyment out of food!

We are bombarded daily with diet dogma in the form of studies, books, articles, and news programs. They are often offering contradicting advice full of experts arguing that their way is the ONLY way. This is not only frustrating but confusing as hell. It is no wonder we bounce around from diet to diet hoping that this one is the ONE!

This article will give you the armor you need to ditch diet dogma for good! That is not to say you will ignore the ever-evolving world of nutrition but you will empower yourself to ignore the noise. We will give you three principles to test any diet against that will empower you to take total control of YOUR diet on YOUR terms.

Principle 1: Just Eat Real Food

Most of us intuitively know what this means. The more you can limit your grocery basket to fresh, local, whole, non-processed foods the better. If your diet guru, diet book, or nutritional program does not have a foundation in real food it is time to ignore it.

If your diet's foundation is rooted in juices, powders, or magic pills made of whole foods or not, we need to ignore it. And before some of you get too worked up, I'm not saying all supplements are bad, in fact, I use them from time to time. I am saying if the foundation of your nutritional program is built on the idea you need to pop pills and mix powders it is a diet plan you need to ignore. These are supplements meant to supplement an already healthy diet rooted in REAL FOOD.

How does your current diet stand up to principle 1?

Principle 2: Recognize Your Body is Unique

This principle is the most important as it relates to your mindset around eating. So many of us get caught up trying to follow other people's diets thinking if it worked for them it will work for us.

But the truth is we may not do as well on the latest celebrity guru diet. Why? Because we are not that celebrity. It is as simple as that. You are unique, your nutritional needs are unique, and your reactions to food are unique.

There is no single diet that works for everyone and you need to experiment to find the one that works for you. Adopting this mindset will insulate you from the endless supply of people telling YOU how YOU need to eat. So the next time that friend (you know the one) chimes in on how you HAVE to try the latest diet they are on because it is working so well you can go in with the mindset that it is ok if it doesn't work for you.

How does your current diet mindset stack up against principle 2?

Principle 3: Learn to Listen to Your Body

So you have adopted the Principle 2 mindset and you ask " well what the hell should I eat then?". Our answer: adopt principle 1 and experiment, document, and build joy and positivity around food. This will be a learning process but enjoy it. Let your curiosity take over.

Your body will tell you if something is or isn't working for you. This takes time and experimentation for most people. This principle is the ultimate weapon against diet dogma because once you have mastered this it becomes easy to ignore your favorite Instagram guru telling you what to eat when it isn't working for YOU!

Once you know what works for you, what you enjoy, and what brings you life, you will no longer worry about what everyone else is doing. You will take total control of your diet on YOUR terms. And we love that.

Healthy eating is so critical to health, and much like exercise we sometimes seek out the complex at the expense of the simple solutions right in front of us. Apply these principles to your own diet and you will find long term success.

Happy Eating

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