The number one reason your home gym will fail, and how to prevent it.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Any trainer that trains clients in their homes has experienced the following:

You go to a client's home, they have told you they have a home gym where they want you to train them. You enter the home and your client leads you to the dreaded basement door, you look down into the dark abyss and think, "This is it, this is where I die". You walk down the creaky staircase, that distinct basement smell tingles the end of your nose. And then you see it, in the darkest dingiest corner of the home lay some dumbbells, maybe some type of machine, and of course an old treadmill facing the wall. Your client looks at you with those excited eyes one gets when starting something new and says something along the lines of "This is it, let's get started"

NO, NO, NO! This is not going to work.

This happens often and while this is an extreme example I would say that 80%-90% of the home gyms I come across are designed to fail. The main reason for this is they are located in a place in the home nobody wants to be, in other words they are not a priority.

While they tell me that their health and this exercise program is their number one priority, their home gym tells me otherwise. It is in a place that no one in their right mind would want to spend time. Starting a new exercise program is hard enough and now they have made it even harder by choosing an exercise space that makes it difficult to even want to show up and easy to avoid.

Your environment needs to reflect your commitment. If we want to set ourselves up for success we need to create an environment that sends a clear message: this is a place I want to be and this is a place that makes me feel good.

3 Tips For Home Gym Success:

1. Pick a place in your home you cannot avoid. Your home gym needn't be synonymous with "dungeon". Put it on the main floor if possible. Windows and natural light are ideal. This might involve prioritizing your commitment to exercise over the aesthetics of your home. Yes, you heard that right.

2. Take care to decorate and organize your fitness area in a way that is visually pleasing to you. Do you enjoy flowers? Go ahead and make sure they exist in your workout area. Are you an art lover? Your personal fitness centre can be your gallery. Need a boost of motivation to exercise? Go to town with framed positive affirmations on the walls.

3. Be creative. Your home gym doesn't need to look like a traditional gym unless you want it to. Search online for inspiration on sites such as Pinterest to create the kind of space you are proud of and where you WANT to spend time.

I hope this helps you at least start to think differently about your home gym. Setting your environment up for success is essential to all home exercise programs and our Seven Movements programs are no different. Whether it is setting up your workplace to be able to effectively move at your desk with our Sit Less-Move More Program or setting up your home gym for any of other home based programs, you need to set yourself up for long term success!

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