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A movement supplement for your clients

Any health professional who works 1 on 1 with clients understands how impactful a regular exercise habit can have on our client's health.  The problem is most of the exercise programs out there are overly complicated, not sustainable, and don't provide an invitation into movement for those who need it most.  They are often too complex and too intense for our average client who has come to us for support.

Seven Movements is an exercise supplement for your clients.  It breaks exercise down into small achievable micro-doses of movement they can complete throughout the day and begin building a regular movement habit. 

Much like many of your clients may take a supplement for their baseline nutritional needs, Seven Movement serves their baseline movement needs.

Our Daily Dose programs allows you to focus on what you do best while providing a secondary revenue stream into your business without you having to go out and build your own programs and technology.

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  • 50% recurring commissions, FOREVER!
  • An affiliate LOGIN and dashboard to access your link and track your sales
  • The business supports from our team to run promos, offers and set you up for success with your clients
  • A program that will be effective for every single client you have
  • An opportunity to become affiliates of our exercise and recovery tool providers
  • An opportunity to appear on our platform and access our audiences



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Our partners are our difference makers. 

You are how we are able to connect with the millions of individuals who need support and an exercise program that will invite them into a regular exercise routine.

  • Create a new revenue stream for your business with recurring 50% commissions
  • Business support from the Seven Movements team.  
  • As a partner, you get the opportunity to appear on the platform and influence further programming.  
  • If you have a niche audience that could benefit from a customized program let's chat
  • Anything we can do to support you just connect with us

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