2018 Seven Movements

Create a space to escape for a movement break in your office!

Make prevention a key piece of your workplace Health and Wellness Program

Make grabbing a 7-minute movement break in the office as practical and convenient as grabbing your next coffee

Our workplaces are killing us.  We have created environments that cause pain, injury and disease.


Seven Movements changes this by partnering with some of the best equipment manufacturers in the world to give employees the tools and space they need to sneak in 7-minute movement breaks.


Our Partners

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Let's create a custom Seven Movements program for your office!


Set up a call with our sales team and find out what solutions will be the best fit for your office.

Pick your tools

We will help you pick the tools that will be the right fit for your workplace environment and workforce needs.  You pick the location of the Self-Care Station.  You basically need a small space and a smart tv.  Some even simply convert a meeting room so it serves a dual purpose.

Custom movement breaks

You can choose from our existing library or we can create custom programming based on your workforce needs.

Create healthier employees

Our space combined with custom programming will give your employees the tools, space, and permission they need to move more frequently throughout their day

Stop being reactive with your Health and Safety program

Seven Movements provides you a pathway to helping employees manage the physical demands your workplace puts on them.  It gives them the tools to better take care of their bodies.  Make the 7-minute Movement Break a regular part of your workday

Prevent Injuries

Our 7-minute movement breaks give employees the tools they need to directly address the demands their workplace is putting on them

Prevent Chronic Disease

Instead of reacting let's start preventing many of the chronic conditions that are a result of a sedentary workplace

Increase resiliency

Designed to make the body more resilient to the demands of the workplace environment.  Whether you are sitting, driving, or lifting we can customize a solution for you. 

Have Fun

Work with us to make movement breaks fun.  We can film on-site, with your staff, and make videos custom to your needs and environment.


Become a leader in Workplace Wellness today!

Seven Movements

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