Learn to use frequent bouts of movement throughout your day to move better on your terms and enjoy the activities you love for life?

Every senior knows they need to exercise more:

But there is a problem... 

The fitness industry has done a poor job at providing an opportunity to safely get started

You are constantly told the only place to exercise is the "gym" or group fitness classes that are simply not for you

Most programs are too hard and not built with the beginner in mind

You are in too much pain to move frequently and effectively

Seven Movements is here to help you move better and enjoy the activities you love for life.  All by focusing on fitting in 7-minute bouts of movement throughout your day.  Let us show you how.

The online health intervention that gets you moving 7-minutes at a time.

Prevent Pain and Injury
Increase your energy
Prevent disease
Live Longer

"The science is clear, short frequent bouts of movement throughout the day are critical to your long term health, much more so than your daily trip to the gym"

- Dan

Build Habits
Learn to systematically build healthy habits into your life that last
Move More
Learn strategies to fit more frequent bouts of movement into your day, wherever you are.
Create Freedom
Build the movement confidence to continue the activities you love for life.

"The first book we wrote at Seven Movements was dedicated to my grandmother, it is called Seven Movements to Keep you Gardening for Life focused on keeping people moving to continue to do the activities they love for life, on their terms"

- Dan Tatton

Co-Founder Seven Movements

What would moving better mean for you?

"Moving better has resulted in me enjoying my time in my garden daily without the associated pain that used to come along with it" - Elaine, California
"Moving better has meant more time spent actually playing with my grandkids, I still cannot keep up with the boundless energy, but Seven Movements has put me in the position to try" - John, British Columbia, Canada
"Seven Movements has changed my life quite literally, I love the 7-minute solutions, I do 4 or 5 of them daily, I no longer walk around in pain and get to join my friends daily, I took up dancing again" - Suzanne, New York

Getting started with Seven Movements


Pick your program and sign up


Get your daily dose of movement and start moving via our online platform

Programs for you

Age-Proof Your Body

Length:  60 days

Who is it for: Seniors seeking to build movement confidence to continue doing the activities they love for life

Investment: $100

Fresh Start

Length:  21 days

Who is it for: Anyone wanting to ditch the past and get a fresh start on their health

Investment: $75


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