Seven Movements has teamed up with Ready In Five to help companies build a culture of performance and wellness into their workplace

12 Months to a Healthy and High Performing Team

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What happens when we take movement out of the workplace?

Pain.Exhaustion. Stress. Anxiety.

Employees are suffering.  Workplace injuries caused by stagnation and repetitive movement are on the rise.  Mental health challenges are presenting themselves at every turn and employees feel more disconnected than ever from their workplaces.  A wellness day or week won't cut it this year.  This is the year to build a long-term integrated strategy into your employee wellness program.  If employees don't feel their best then they won't perform their best.


Make an Impact While Enhancing your Team's Performance


Inspire the Next Generation

For Every Ready in Five session sold we give one to students or classes learning online

Supporting Athletes

Finding flexible work opportunities is critical to athletes so they do have to choose between sport and their career.  Your support allows our athletes to do what they do best to help your team perform their best.

Experiential Recruiting

You will get the first-hand experience of what our athletes can bring to the table for your organization without the pressure of formal interviews.  if the fit and timing are right you can hire a Ready in 5 athlete onto your team.

Building habits that stick

The 12 Months to Healthy and High Performing Teams Program integrates small daily habits into your team that drive huge results: in health, mental well-being, and performance.  Say good-bye to the annual wellness week and hello to integrating wellness into your daily work culture.

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12-Months to Healthy and High Performing Teams



Unlike programs that last a week and become an afterthought, we take a long term multi-pronged approach to allow workers to prevent injury and perform better by building movement habits into their day.


Workshops, movement snacks, challenges, courses, movement stations, and live pre-meeting movement sessions with athletes are just some of the ways we integrate movement into the regular workday.


Less pain, more energy, and better performance.  Building a culture of movement takes time and consistency.  Our 12-month program is designed to build habits that stick so your organization can benefit for the long haul

Let's see if the 12 Months To Healthy and High Performing Teams program is the right fit for you

Looking to build a culture of movement into your workplace?  Our program works best for workplaces that are inactive or see a lot of repetitive strain injuries.  Let's talk today

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Building a culture of performance and well-being

At Seven Movements, we know that you want your employees to perform at their absolute best.  In order to do that your employees need to feel their best!

The problem is that most workplaces are so stagnant and inactive that they do not lend themselves to people performing at a high level.  Think about how you perform when you are lethargic and in pain.  Think about your own mental state when you spend a considerable amount of time sitting still. 

We believe that inactivity in the workplace is costing organizations a great deal in performance and lost time due to injury, pain, and mental health issues.  We understand how difficult it can be to build a culture of movement in the workplace which why we created this 12-month program that fully integrates movement into your workplace culture.

This is how we do it:

1. We work with your team to understand your workplace culture and identify where we can help.  We pick a date for kick-off.

2. We kick things off with a 45-minute virtual workshop and 21-day challenge that gets employees moving at their desks through the use of 7-minute movement snacks

3. We integrate live 5-minute movement and motivation sessions with elite athletes before important team meetings to further integrate movement into your culture and prepare your employees for moments that matter

4.  Every month we hold a 45-minute virtual workshop on a micro-habit you would like employees to start integrating into their workday


So book your consultation today.  And in the meantime, become a free member of the Seven Movements community yourself to get access to some of our free resources.  Let's make the sedentary work environment, an environment that is leaving our employees sick, tired, and frustrated, a thing of the past.


Starting at:

$7800 + $10/employee

  • Employee Resource Portal
  • 12- Virtual workshops
  • 24- meeting credits with Ready in 5
  • 21-day Seven Movement AT Desk Challenge
  • Program Liasson
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All The Tools You Need To Build A Culture Of Movement In The Office

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