Our story

John and Dan saw a problem.  They saw fitness thriving while population health plummeted.  It seemed a new fitness craze started up every week.  Meanwhile, only 1 in 5 people were actually hitting the exercise targets necessary to maintain long term health and well-being.  How could this be?

As they looked around they saw an industry focused mostly on increasing the complexity and intensity of their programming for the 1 in 5 people who were already moving.  It was becoming a race to who could create the sexiest program.  It no longer had anything to do with health.

They set out to create a program for everyone and Seven Movements was born.  A program that allows participants to block their exercise and recovery into 7-minute chunks.

The program would be for everyone, an invitation into exercise for those just getting started, and a supplement to those who are already moving.   And Seven Movements was born.

We are so happy you are here and are excited to have you join us in this paradigm shift around movement towards health and well-being.


Our Founders


John Sinclair

A true pioneer in the exercise industry.  John creates the magic behind our 7-minute sessions making them a world class coaching experience.  John works with some of the top fitness companies in the world and holds multiple certifications across health and exercise disciplines.  A good ol' Canadian boy, residing in Westin Florida with his wife Lisa and pooch Poppy.


Dan Tatton

An innovator and visionary in the exercise industry.  Dan is the creator of the Seven Movements concept and led the company in building a platform that allows people to experience movement for health. Like John, Dan was born in Saskatchewan and now resides in British Columbia Canada with his wife Marie-Lise and pooch Kona.


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Combining the unique micro-dosing programming of Seven Movements with the best exercise and recovery tools on the planet will give you the wellness system to take care of your exercise needs for life.

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Our Incredible Coaches


Amy Slater

Amy is a brilliant coach and creator of our New Moms Program and mom to TWO sets of twins!  Amy is a master in helping moms build healthy habits into their lives and a Rockstar Seven Movements coach.

David Germeau

David recently moved to Canada with his wife and two kids!  He helps us run the French Language component of Seven Movements and Seven movements workplace.  David is a master communicator and a superstar coach

Vijay Persaud

Actor, trainer, coach.  What doesn't this movie star do?  You will see Vijay appear in our Daily Dose Platform from his home in Vancouver that he shares with his wife and two pooches.

Marie Janicek

Marie is an ex-professional dancer and master of everything movement.  She is the brains behind our Movement for Mental Health program.  Marie is a genius in helping people think a little differently about movement and we are so excited to have her on the team.

Harmony Ryan

Harmony is our resident Yogi who you will see appear in our workplace at desk programming.  She brings a practical and inviting introduction to Yoga that we find so refreshing here at Seven Movements.  A superstar mom and coach we are lucky to be able to feature harmony's brilliance on our platform

Jan Hutnan

If you come across Janny you will remember him.  An incredible coach who cares deeply about the long-term health outcomes of anyone he comes in contact with.  A resident of Byron Bay Australia we often find ourselves jealous of his daily videos/photos.