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Teammate Program

Building healthy habits into your workday can be challenging. We make it easy.

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Is your workday leaving you:

Tired and sore?

Lacking focus?

Feeling isolated and lonely?

We no longer have to walk to transit for our commute. We can’t get up and head to a co-worker’s desk to chat. It’s easy to get in the zone in our home office and stay stuck in our chairs!

The Teammate Program helps you to create healthier habits in your workday and supports you every step of the way.

What is the Teammate Program?

It's a subscription service that gives you access to:


All live sessions and on-demand content are available in both English and French!

Our community:

Doesn't sacrifice their health for work

Bi-weekly 30-minute workshops on a wellness topic prompt you to choose one habit every two weeks that you want to add or subtract from your work life.

Builds and maintains healthy habits 

Daily 7-minute movement breaks led by top Canadian athletes get us moving and energized while providing a daily reminder of our bi-weekly goals.

Supports and motivates each other 

Your employee portal contains recordings of anything you ever can't make it to live and access to our coaches in our community forum to answer your questions.

What people are saying about moving more at work:


The beauty of the Teammate Program is its flexibility. If you are working from home, in the office, or a hybrid schedule,  we invite you to join the program!

Getting Started

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2. You will receive an email to register in all Teammate events. Register in them.

3. Participate in the live events and start building healthy habits in your workday.

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About the Teammate Program

The Teammate Program is a collaboration between Seven Movements and Ready in Five.

Seven Movements is focused on making movement your medicine by encouraging Canadians to take micro-movement breaks – just seven minutes long – throughout their day, in order to build lifelong wellness habits. Through their online subscription platform, they offer specialty designed programs for workplaces, mental wellness, new moms, and more. 

Ready in Five is helping workplaces engage employees through short movement experiences led live by elite Canadian athletes. Ready in Five was founded by Jessie Niles, a recently retired professional athlete and member of the Canadian Women's National Volleyball Team, and is helping put other elite athletes to work during the pandemic.