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It seems like every other day there is a new intense and complex exercise system on the market.  While we know intuitively that these programs are not aimed at our long-term well-being we buy into the promise of fast results coming from sexy models sweating their way to some untold happiness.

These unsustainable and often expensive programs offer temporary short-term results at best.  Or causes long-term damage to our well-being at worst.

In their wake, they leave a trail of expensive exercise equipment turned clothes racks and bodies that are broken down to the point of exhaustion.  It is time to start moving away from the HOME GYM and towards the HOME WELLNESS CENTER

This guide will show you how to build the ULTIMATE HOME WELLNESS CENTER

Stop guessing about what tools you need

This guide will outline the exact tools you can collect over time to combine with the Daily Dose Platform to build an exercise habit for life

Save Money

Save $100's with discounts on everything from the Daily Dose Platform, world-class exercise and recovery tools, and anything else you need to create your Ultimate Home Wellness Center

Build a system for your health

Seven Movements offers the world's leading wellness platform on exercise, recovery, & health. Long term health begins with building long term habits.  Our free community gives you every tool you need to get started on building a system that works for YOU

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Bonus 1

Get Free Access to the 5-Day Seven Minute Morning Challenge.  Start your morning with a 7-minute micro-dose from some of our coaches in their favorite locales around the world.  A great way to introduce micro-doses of movement into your day.

Bonus 2

Get Free Access to our 7-minute meditation series. A great way to introduce yourself to meditation without being overwhelmed

Bonus 3

Get free access to the Seven Movements Guide to Ultimate Morning Routine.  Discover this 7-step routine to radically enhance your morning productivity

Bonus 4

Get Acess to the Seven Movements Daily Health Checklist.  The perfect way to track the baseline habits you need to incorporate into your life to achieve long term health

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The Ultimate Health System

Use the guide to discover how you can use the Seven Movements Platform to radically transform your well-being:

  • Learn how Micro-dosing movement is the sustainable exercise habit that can change the way you look at exercise forever
  • Discover which exercise and recovery tools you can use to enhance your health and get exclusive deals on them
  • Begin with no equipment at all or a simple set of dumbbells
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