Helping companies get their employees moving more to improve their health and performance

Everyone who works a desk job knows they would benefit from moving more at work.

But there is a problem... 

Their work environment does not encourage movement

Movement breaks are impractical

Grabbing a movement snack is not part fo the workplace culture

We don't recognize the problem until pain or injury shows up

Employees don't know how to make their movement breaks effective

We don't have time for movement

Are you ready to learn simple strategies that will help you move more often and feel better at work?

Our online course will help you build the skills you need to make frequent bouts of movement a regular part of your workday resulting in:

Prevent Pain and Injury
Increase your energy
Prevent disease
Help you Live Longer

"The science is clear, short frequent bouts of movement throughout the day are critical to your long term health, much more so than your daily trip to the gym"

- Dan

Build Habits
Learn to systematically build healthy habits into your life that last
Move More
Learn strategies to fit more frequent bouts of movement into your day, wherever you are.
Create Freedom
Build the confidence to take total control of your health and health decisions.

"Seven Movements is creating workplaces that the employee can leave at the end of day feeling more energized and healthier than when they arrived in the morning"

- Dan Tatton

Co-Founder Seven Movements

The workplace can serve your health

Our workplaces do not have to be places that steal from our health as they do today.  The sedentary workplaces that are killing our mind, body, and soul can be transformed but it will take the conscious effort of building new habits and new social norms into our workplace culture.  These are the spaces we are spending most of our time and if we want to transform our health we are going to need to transform our workplaces.  And it all starts here.
If you truly want a healthy work environment you are going to have to bring frequent bouts of movement into your day.  Not big long blasts of exercise but tiny movement habits that can combat the negative effects of sitting.  Sedentary work environments are killing productivity, killing energy, and ultimately killing people.
Having a gym in the workplace is simply not enough.  Every single client we have worked with on a one on one level as personal trainers has had negative health consequences and impaired movement ability if they work a desk job.  We have to find a way to incorporate more movement into our day and that is what Seven Movements does so well.
Upskill your employees today with our Sit Less-Move More program where we will teach them the simple movement strategies they need to get started in just 10-minutes a day over 12 days.  Then begin transforming your workspaces to provide more opportunity to move with the Seven Movements Self-care Station and make grabbing a quick movement snack as practical and convenient as grabbing your next cup of coffee.

What people are saying

Amy Osbaldeston

"When I was coming off mat leave I knew it was the perfect opportunity to give the Seven Movements program a go. It was time to be proactive rather than reactive so I didn't fall into the same hole I was in prior to mat leave. I had spent so much time and money on physio with limited short term results that I didn't want to go back to that! When I do the program I feel energized and my muscles a bit more relaxed then I'm ready to tackle my next hour of work, which is not easy!"

Dee Clarke

"The chronic ache in my upper and lower back subsided after a few weeks.  It flares up now and again after long bouts of sitting but usually feels better after just one Seven Movements workout"

Make your workplace a Seven Movements Workplace 

Upskill your employees

Begin with our Sit-Less move More Course to give your employees the skills and strategies they can use to fit more movement into their workday​.

The course asks for a commitment of 10 minutes a day over 20 days where they will implement tiny habits and learn 7-minute movement strategies that can be completed right at their desk.

These 7-minute solutions will teach users how to use simple effective movement strategies that can then be incorporated into their workday at any time.

30 seconds here to help alleviate a headache coming on or 4 minutes there to reduce the back pain that been flaring up your employees will have the movement tools they need to be successful

Create Spaces to Move

The Seven Movements Self-Care station allows you to turn a space in your office into a space that makes grabbing a movement snack as practical and convenient as grabbing a cup of coffee.


​ Outfitted with the same tools we use to prepare professional athletes for the rigors of their job your employees will have a space to grab a movement snack that will leave them feeling invigorated and pain-free.

With basic and custom exercise programming options we can create the solution your workplace needs to get your employees moving more and feeling better

Looking for custom solutions? Contact us

Custom courses built for your workforce needs

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