Seven Movements Workplace: Preventing pain and injury through practical effective micro-dosing of movement at the workplace.

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Custom Solutions

We design online courses that teach users how to use micro-doses of movement, right in the workplace to prevent pain and injury.  We will assess your workforce needs, injury statistics, and develop a program that will work specific to your needs.


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Sit Less-Move More: A Pain Free Office

This course should be a staple of every OHS program that has workers spending time sitting down.  This course teaches participants the skills they need to prevent pain and injury through micro-doses of movement that can be done right at their desk

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Physiotherapists Training

Return to Work

Tired of repeat injuries to employees costing you big dollars?  Want to get your workers back to their desk sooner while giving them the tools to recover. We have solutions for the entire patient journey from injury to returning to regular duties that will not only support healing but work in prevention so injuries do not repeat themselves.


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Flagship Pain Course

We worked with some of the top pain experts in their field to develop this course for both injured employees and caseworkers who are dealing with employees in pain.


Upskill your team on understanding the mechanics of pain and how we can guide our clients through their healing journey. 


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Custom courses built for your workforce needs