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A movement week to kickstart your organization

The modern workplace is contributing to the inactivity crisis.  It does NOT have to be this way.  A Seven Movements Movement week engages your employees while giving them the long-term tools they need to bring move movement into their workday.  It consists of three parts



A free community for your employees

Employees will get lifetime access to the Seven Movements Wellness Collective which is a free space for your employees to access free and paid resources including virtual health coaching, exercise coaching, dietitian services, and mental health counselling.  The best part: we can create a community within our larger community just for your employees.  They can access the entire collective as well as any custom programming we build for your organization.  All are accessed through an app virtually.  And yes it is 100% free for companies of any size.


Teammate Program

During movement week we will bring your team together for live 7-minute movement breaks followed by a 10-minute Q & A.  Think of it as a micro-dose of movement combined with a micro-wellness lesson!  A great way to engage employees and introduce them to the idea of bringing movement snacks into their day.

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Sit-Less move More

Our staple program.  This on-demand library will give your employees lifetime access to twenty-one 7-minute at desk movement solutions to:

  • prevent low back pain

  • reduce headaches

  • eliminate forearm pain

  • prevent neck pain

  • prevent shoulder pain

  • And more


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