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Access to our Entire 7-minute movement break library

Make moving simple - 7 minutes at a time

The online platform


Over 100 7-minute solutions and growing to leave you feeling amazing!​

Our platform gives you the tools you need to bring 7-minutes of movement to your day in a way that is practical and convenient.


Simple. Easy. Effective.


Self-Care Through Movement

Movement as Medicine

Seven Movements gives you the tools to use movement to eliminate pain, prevent injury, and increase energy in just 7-minutes.

Bring movement to your home and workplace to increase the frequency in which you move leading to improved health outcomes, prevention of disease, and a long healthy life.

All Access

Your subscription at just $10/month gets access to our entire library with both our equipment free and self-care station solutions.

We create 7-minute movement breaks for three environments :

  • AT DESK- Equipment free movement designed for those days you just can't sneak away

  • LIVING ROOM -Equipment free movement designed to be done in any environment where you have access to a device

  • SELF-CARE STATION - Designed to be performed at your self-care station.  Using tools from our partners these movement breaks are designed to make your movement breaks even more effective.

Seven Movements

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