2018 Seven Movements

7-minute movement breaks that will change the way you think, move and feel!

Start your new exercise habit today

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Feel Better

at your Desk

Equipment needed: NONE


Designed to be done right at your desk.  These 7-minute solutions will keep you moving, feeling, & thinking better throughout your workday. 

Foam Roller

Equipment Needed: Hyperice Vipr 2.0 Vibrating Foam Roller


Learn how to use this incredible tool with our 7-minute solutions 


Equipment Needed: VIPR pro


Learn how you can use the VIPR Pro to move, feel & think better.


A perfect way to grab a 7-minute movement break in the middle of your day. 


Experience the power of the Hypervolt.  In this series, you will learn how to best use this tool to its full potential.


Leaving you moving, feeling, and thinking better. 

55+ program

This 20-Week program will take you from non-mover to a master mover

Designed specifically to teach you how to prevent pain and injury and keep you enjoying the activities you love for life.



No subscriptions!

Once you purchase a video series they are yours forever, including any videos that get added to that series in the future.

Seven Movements

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