2018 Seven Movements

The seven-minute habit
that makes exercise easy!

7-Minute movement breaks that make You think, move, and feel better.

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Why Seven Movements?

Increase your energy

Ditch your unhealthy habits and increase your energy by bringing more movement to your day.

Prevent Pain and Injury

Learn to use movement as a self-care practice and prepare your body for performance.

Increase Longevity

More frequent movement leads to a longer healthier life


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Seven Movements is changing lives!

The chronic ache in my upper and lower back subsided after a few weeks.  It flares up now and again after long bouts of sitting but usually feels better after just one Seven Movements workout.

Dee Clarke

January 2019

We normally start
a series before breakfast.  It gets us energized and ready for the day.

Lise and Clark Norris

January, 2019

I had spent so much time and money on physio with limited short term results and I did not want to go back to that!  When I do Seven Movements I feel energized and my muscles more relaxed and ready to tackle the next hour of my workday.


December, 2018

Seven Movements


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