Online health and exercise programs for those focused on longevity and health

Learn how tiny habits and short frequent bouts of movement have been the missing link in your health and exercise program

Do you struggle to stick with your health and exercise commitments?

Are you seeking a fresh start?

Do you need a simple program to get you on the right track?

Finding it hard to find blocks of time to exercise?

Hiring a world-class coach is expensive!

Do you find yourself nursing nagging pain and injuries?

Is the gym just not for you?

Does your group or organization want to do a program together?   Contact us for custom pricing

Do you have 10-minutes a day to:

Build healthy habits for life

Prepare your body for performance

Prevent pain and disease forever

Get an education from world-class health and exercise coaches

Learn to fit more frequent bouts of movement into your day effectively

Want real results that last? Small changes every day will lead to the long term success you have been seeking.  Health is not built in a day.  We ask for no more than 10-minutes a day and we will show you how to stay healthy for LIFE

I had spent so much time and money on physio with limited short term results and I did not want to go back to that!  When I do Seven Movements I feel energized and my muscles more relaxed and ready to tackle the next hour of my workday.​

- Amy

Build Habits
Learn to systematically build healthy habits into your life that last
Move More
Learn strategies to fit more frequent bouts of movement into your day, wherever you are.
Create Freedom
Build the confidence to take total control of your health and health decisions.

"Seven Movements celebrates the human body.  Not by how it looks but what it allows us to do and experience"

- Dan Tatton

Co-Founder Seven Movements

What makes Seven Movements programs different?

A lot of us don't have the time to get in 60-minute bouts of movement at the gym every day.  Our courses ask for no more than 10-minutes a day where you will implement the tiny habits you need to have long term success. Most exercise programs today are too intense, require tremendous movement skills, and do not take into account whether someone is ready for such a program or not.  So how can you know if you are ready to begin an exercise program? 


The science is clear, small frequent bouts of movement throughout the day are key to our long term health, whether we are going to the gym or not.  Our programs teach the strategies you need to sneak more movement into your day while preventing pain and disease, increasing your energy, and preparing your body for the rigors of our favorite activities.

Our courses put you in charge of your health.  Get movement skills from our world-class trainers that you will have with you for life.

What people are saying

Lise and Clark Norris

"We normally start
a series before breakfast.  It gets us energized and ready for the day"

Dee Clarke

"The chronic ache in my upper and lower back subsided after a few weeks.  It flares up now and again after long bouts of sitting but usually feels better after just one Seven Movements workout"

What does a Seven Movements Online Course look like?

Get Access
  • Purchase your course​

  • You will receive an email reminder about the course start date

Learn & Do
  • 1-5minute lessons every 3-7 days

  • Worksheets - track your progress

  • A new 7-minute movement strategy every 3-7 days to be completed daily

  • Access to the coaches through a Private Facebook page for the duration of the course

Take control of your health
  • Build healthy habits

  • Prevent pain and disease

  • Learn how frequent movement has been the missing link in your health and wellness plan

Need more details? Contact us

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