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The 80%

The world has been building exercise programs for those who love exercising forever. In fact, the fitness industry has been doing quite well while population health metrics decline.  The problem is we have left out the people who need us most,  the 80% of people who do not exercise due to an aversion to exercise or limitations to participation in traditional exercise programs.

Seven Movements uses its unique approach of micro-dosing movement to invite the 80% of non-movers to dip their toes into the world of exercise while breaking up stagnation, eliminating pain, and preparing the body for activities we love.


A Smart Exercise Prescription Platform

A physical activity solution that carefully aligns your exercise dosage to your daily tolerance for movement through our patented micro-doses of movement.

Working Out at Home


Short movement snacks make exercise accessible to those limited in participating in traditional fitness programs

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Short movement breaks you can fit into your busy day

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Research backed & Evidence Based

Working with our partners at the University of British Columbia to create micro-dosing protocol

Core Exercise

Changing the world through movement

Seven Movements invites communities of people who are either not interested in or have limitations to participating in traditional exercise programs into the world of movement

  • Non-Movers

  • People with chronic conditions and disease

  • Active aging

  • Office workers

  • People with chronic pain

  • People recovering from injury

Join our Coalition

In order to succeed in getting the 80% moving, we will need the support of the professionals who work with these communities.  If you are a member of one of these communities and believe in what we are doing let's connect today.

  • Healthcare practitioners

  • Exercise professionals

  • Mental health professionals

  • Chronic disease associations

  • Government/Population health

  • Health Insurers

  • Workplace wellness professionals

  • Investors

High Fives

Make micro-dosing movement a part of your workplace today

As we build our Smart prescription platform we invite you to bring more movement into your workplace with our MOVEMENT WEEK.


We know that the modern workplace is one of the greatest contributors to the inactivity crisis.  We can help your organization flip the script on poor health as a result of their office job.

Office Worker

Our Approach

Everyone can move more.  Everyone deserves to move more.  Micro-dosing movement will help you find the right dose of movement to help you think, move, and feel better.