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Discover how frequent movement snacks can make it EASIER to stay healthy, move better, and fit exercise into your day.


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Programs designed to help you start micro-dosing movement into your day.  Discover the power of sneaking movement snacks into your day.

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Using the same principles of consistency, simplicity, and proper dosage our exercise coaches will help you build a consistent exercise habit for life.

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The time to start moving is now

Consistency trumps intensity

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The biggest mistake people make when deciding to exercise more is they focus on how hard they are working when they should be focusing on building a consistent habit with the right exercise dosage.  Micro-dosing movement allows you to slowly begin moving more finding the right dosage of movement for YOU on a daily basis.

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Recommended Online Programs

Online Programs to get you started

Start building movement snacks into your day


Sit Less - Move More

The perfect workday program


21- unique 7-minute movement snacks you can perform right at your desk to help you prevent pain and injury, increase energy, and feel great

Available in English and French

Daily Dose - Lebert Fitness Equalizer

We partnered with our friends over at Lebert fitness to create this perfect workday program and take your micro-doses of movement to the next level.

3 different 28-day programs that deliver 4 X 7-minute micro-doses each day

Our Approach

Everyone can move more.  Everyone deserves to move more.  Micro-dosing movement will help you find the right dose of movement to help you think, move, and feel better.