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The exercise behavior app for those who need it most

The world's first smart exercise prescription platform that micro-doses exercise into convenient, healthy, habit forming movement breaks.

If you struggle to integrate exercise into your life, we will show you how. 

The 80%

The fitness industry caters to the 20% of people who are already very active. Our goal is to reach the 80% majority who may have limitations or apprehension to participating in traditional exercise programs.  


Seven Movements uses its personalized habit forming technology to integrate exercise into your busy schedule through evidence based and science backed movement solutions. Our signature micro-dosing approach invites non-movers to dip their toes into the world of exercise, while breaking up stagnation, eliminating pain, and preparing the body for the activities we love. 




A Smart Exercise
Prescription Platform

Micro-doses of movement tailored to your needs in the moment

Working Out at Home


Making exercise accessible to those limited from participating in traditional fitness programs

Woman Working Out


Short movement breaks you can fit into your busy day, wherever you are

Scientist using microscope

Research backed & Evidence Based

Working with our partners at the University of British Columbia to test the effectiveness of micro-dosing exercise for improving health metrics


Coaching support

Seven Movements Coaches guide you on your health  journey.  They provide you with:

  • structure

  • accountability

  • confidence 

  • skills to move better and without pain 

  • a personal health plan

Making it easy to get started

At Seven Movements our focus is on serving those who are struggling to fit more movement into their day

Our Approach

Seven Movements provides you the guidance to move more often and develop the habits to improve your long term health outcomes. We design personal micro-doses of movement into shorter, more frequent bouts throughout the day. This helps you to think, move, and feel better.  

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