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Life is too short to stress about our health habits

A lack of consistency is costing us our health.  A focus on short cuts, quick fixes, and fad health and exercise programs usually leave us feeling a little defeated as it relates to our health.

When we forget that consistency trumps intensity we can find ourselves in a cycle of seeking the next super intense and complex exercise program that promises fast results.

And we know that even for those intense programs that do yield results they are not sustainable in the long term. and we enter the cycle of on again off again exercise regimens that leave us frustrated and wondering if exercise is really for us.

We are here to help you build healthy habits that last a lifetime.


Daily Dose Platform

Transform the way you exercise.  Make building an exercise habit simple. Use 7-minute doses of movement to fit exercise into your day.  You can start equipment free and begin slowly building out your home wellness center with some of the best exercise and recovery tools on the planet.

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Flip the script on exercise programs that are unsustainable

Transform the way you exercise and make it:


Complete 4 X 7-minute doses of movement every day.  Complete them randomly throughout the day or combine them into a 28-minute session.


Seven Movements is programmed to make you a better mover.  Combining the science of movement & recovery you will feel the difference just minutes can make.


With exercise, consistency trumps intensity.  Seven Movements is designed to help you build consistent habits that you can continue for life.

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How to get started



Subscribe to the Daily Dose Platform and join our community.

Get access to our growing library of daily dose programs and using some of the best exercise and recovery tools on the planet.

Get our free guide How to Set Up Your Ultimate Home Wellness Center and get a step by step guide, exclusive discounts, and more on how to use Seven Movements to build a consistent exercise habit into your life

Pick your program

Select a program based on the tools you have.  We have equipment free and dumbbell only options as well.

Start with one program and slowly begin building your Ultimate Home Wellness Center for exercise and recovery.

Get moving

Complete your daily doses of exercise.  Every day you will have   4 X 7-minute doses of movement to complete. 

You can perform them each randomly throughout the day or combine them into a 28 or 56-minute session.

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At Seven Movements we know that you want long-term health.  In order to do that you need to build consistent habits.  The problem is most exercise programs are built around intensity and complexity which can leave you feeling like exercise is not for you.

We believe that the fitness industry is leaving too many people behind.  We understand that the latest HIIT training program isn't for everyone which is why Seven Movements is changing lives every day.

Our process is simple:

1.  Become a member of the Seven Movements Platform

2. Pick the program that works for you

3. Complete the four 7-minute doses of movement you get daily any way you want

Become a member today and join the Seven Movements community and be part of the world's leading wellness platform for exercise, recovery, and health.  Stop participating in exercise programs you know are not sustainable and instead build a consistent exercise habit for life.


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Three ways to get started 



Start building simple habits

  • Seven Minute Morning 5-Day Challenge
  • Seven Movements Meditation Series
  • How to Build the Ultimate Home Wellness Center Guide
  • The Seven Movements Morning Routine Checklist
  • Daily Health Checklist
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Daily Dose Platform


Start moving

  • Everything included in the Community membership
  • Access to the entire Daily Dose Platform
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Coach Supported


Start changing behaviours

  • Everything included in the Dail Dose Membership
  • A monthly one on one session with a coach to help you build these new habits
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Micro-dosing movement at work

We cannot perform our best if we don't feel our best. Seven Movements will help you discover how to build a culture of movement at the workplace you can feel your best.


Check out our workplace solutions

Specialized Programs

Seven Movements has collaborated with some amazing companies to provide these unique Seven movements experiences


New Moms Program

This 12-week program eases new moms back into movement with the support Amy Slater, an incredible coach and mom to not one but two sets of twins!

Movement for Mental Health

A mindful approach to movement. This 30-day program lead by Marie Janicek at Evolna will help you discover the line between meditation and movement.  


Fresh Start

Built-in collaboration with Prescription to Get Active.  This 21-day program is designed for those needing to build a foundation.  if you have not moved in a long time, this program is for you.

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