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We are a health company utilizing the concept of micro-dosing movement as a long-term health intervention.

We understand the challenges that can come with limited mobility or specific health conditions, and we firmly believe that improving your well-being should not be a daunting task. Through our pioneering micro-dosing exercise protocols, which have a solid foundation in scientific research, we've crafted programs that are tailored to suit your unique circumstances.

Our approach is all about achieving remarkable results with minimal time and effort, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate wellness into your daily life. Whether you're an individual seeking a healthier lifestyle or someone managing a chronic disease, Seven Movements is here to empower you on your journey towards a more vibrant and fulfilling life. Join us and discover a new path to well-being that's achievable and sustainable, no matter your starting point.


Our story

Our founders, Dan Tatton and John Sinclair, created Seven Movements in response to a fitness industry they felt was excluding too many people. The majority of exercise programs are targeted towards people who are already active. For the people that are new to structured exercise programs, these can be too intense, too long and too intimidating. Drawing on their 40 years of combined experience, they sought to create and prescribe programs inclusive for all.  In 2013, they coined the term micro-dosing movement and began building exercise programming that is accessible and inclusive for all. 

Since then, they have been hard at work building programming for people who need it most and spending time building partnerships with research institutions to build research backed micro-dosing movement protocols for those with chronic disease, those who work sedentary jobs, and those who are simply looking to get started.


Our Mission

To ensure every person has an opportunity to build purposeful movement into their life.

Our Vision

A world where "exercise snacking" is a social norm in our homes, our workplaces, and anywhere we travel.

Dan Tatton.png

Dan Tatton



Dan runs things here at Seven Movements.  He has an obsession with making the complex simple and making it easy for people to stay healthy.

He is an experienced leader and business coach in the health and wellness space having coached and advised over 100 entrepreneurs on their ventures and start-ups.

Dan's experience and tenacity has helped Seven Movements develop strategic partnerships in health, research, and fitness of like minded leaders who share Seven Movements mission.

Dan resides in the Canadian Rockies in a small town called Canmore with his wife Marie-Lise and pooch Kona. 


You will usually find Dan outside.  Whether it heading up a mountain or a walk along the river, nature is what brings Dan his energy.  Although, as with any good Canadian, hockey is his true love.

John Sinclair 1.png

John Sinclair


John is an expert in programming movement as medicine and has had hundreds of clients experience the magic of movement under his tutelage. His experience as an educator, coach, athletic trainer, medical exercise specialist and applied functional scientist provides him unique insights into the world of programming for all domains of health and performance. John’s experience in coaching athletes through long-term development into college and professional sport allows for unique and creative strategies of engineering health and performance.

John has traveled the world as a consultant for professional sports teams and governments. He has also served as Health and Performance consultant for the California State Guard. 

John has created program solutions for ViPR Pro, Zumba, 9 Rounds, Equinox, Nike , 24HR Fitness and designed the first ever Wellness Experience aboard the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection as their Wellness Consultant.


He is a sought after subject matter expert in the Health and Fitness industries. He has travelled the world lecturing and presenting many topics at conferences and is the Programming Director for The Institute of Motion. John shared his extensive career in coaching by creating and instructing the IoM Personal Training Mentorships (Level 1-3) and the Applied Health and Human Performance Specialist Certification. (Level 1-3)


John currently resides in Sunrise, Florida with his wife Lisa and their labradoodle Poppy. He continues to play golf, tennis, weightlifting and loves to run around playing catch with Poppy. He spends most of his free time strength training, functional training and indoor cycling, skiing and rowing (ergathlon) in his personal training studio.


Drew Martin


"Leave it better than you found it." This is Drew's life mantra and what governs his professional career. Spending the past 16 years in the insurance space as a Managing Partner of a specialised brokerage, delivering accessible wellness solutions through innovative platforms and strategic communications.


Sports and movement have been the most impactful aspect of Drew's life. From minor sports to high calibre competition, his ability to move has enabled meaningful relationships and taught him lessons that are invaluable to building our culture. 


Igor Terzic



Igor is the chief developer of Seven Movement's revolutionary micro-dosing technology. Prior to this mHealth platform venture, Igor worked in some of Vancouver's finest start-ups developing learning management systems and fintech products.

Having overcome injury from life as a sedentary computer programmer, Igor turned into a believer that "movement is the cure" for all of life's ailments.


To keep his body healthy and agile in between coding sessions, he likes to lift weights, swim and toss a frisbee.


Ryan Mateyko



Ryan is the numbers guy at Seven Movements; whether it’s accounting and finance or operational KPIs, he’s there to keep the gears oiled so that the whole team can deliver their very best.

With over a decade of managerial finance under his belt, he brings the operational expertise that keeps Seven Movements’ back office flexible and agile.


After learning to skate at the ripe old age of 3, Ryan’s various athletic pursuits from Ice Climbing to Cyclocross have always complemented his time in the office.


Slava Micic


Slava brings strong design and communication skills to spearhead marketing initiatives about the long-term benefits of Seven Movements' micro-dosing movement protocols, and product development for emerging markets. She is passionate about elegant solutions for purpose-driven identities and enjoys using design, psychology and strategy to encourage positive behaviours and inspire meaningful change.


Nature lover at heart, Slava is an avid cyclist and hiker, ready to hit the trail and chase sunshine anytime.

Want to work with us? Tell us what makes you move!


7 Movements to keep you healthy and pain free in the office

Seven Movements gives you a whole new philosophy on exercise. Simple and effective, this guide takes you through the first step to bring movement into your daily life at the office. Practical movements will aid you in eliminating pain, building strength, and inspiring others to start moving during their day at the office.


True to the Seven Movements series John and Dan have simplified the complicated and broken movement down to its most practical application. They teach us that pain does not equal progress and that movement is something that should bring us joy. 

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