The Seven Movements Difference

Seven Movements' core mission is to invite those left behind by the fitness industry into the magical world of exercise, health, and wellness.  We create programs for those who need it most and often feel neglected by the performance-based nature of health and exercise in the modern world.  In a world where everything is about faster and stronger, we like to talk about being healthier and happier.


Seven Movements pioneered the concept of micro-dosing movement back in 2013 when they wrote their first book, Seven Movements to Keep you Gardening for Life which focused on showing us how we can fit small bouts of movement into our day to supplement the activities we love. That was followed by their second book Seven Movements to Keep you Pain-Free and Healthy in the Office

At Seven Movements we believe:


  • In the power of coaching: Consistent and personalized 1:1 support to get you where you need to be

  • In the power of teamwork: Our collection of coaches work together to guide you where you want to go

  • In the power of expertise:  Our coaches are the best in the world and constantly improving themselves to serve you better

We are excited to coach you.

Our Coaches

John Sinclair

John is co-founder of Seven Movements, our Chief Movement Engineer, and head of exercise coaching.  John's expertise and innovation in exercise design make working with a Seven Movements exercise coach a truly unique experience.

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Giovanni Roselli

Gio is a highly sought-after health coach and promotes corporate well-being nationally.  He is a Master Instructor at the national level for health and human
performance company Institute Of Motion and is a Precision Nutrition Coach.  He heads up Health Coaching here at Seven Movements

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Ruth Anne Crowle

Ruth is a Registered Dietician and is co-founder of Seven Days Healthy and founder of Compass Nutrition. Her Food and Mood course is a favorite for those looking to learn how to eat for improved mental health.  Ruth focuses like a laser on building long-term plans for clients and working with them to find their ideal healthy eating strategies that fit their lifestyle and needs.

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Amanda Gill

Amanda is a Certified Life Coach and our Mental Health Coach here at Seven Movements.  You will learn about stress management, managing emotions, and shifting your mindset.

This missing piece of many wellness programs may just be the missing link to help you achieve your wellness goals!

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Jenn Giles

Jen is a Registered Dietician and Founder of Eat 4 Sport where she works with young athletes on eating for performance.  This amazing coach will bring you insights and practicality to your diet which will leave you wishing you had met her earlier

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Dan Tatton

CEO and Co-Founder of Seven Movements and Seven Days Healthy Dan bring 16 years of coaching experience to the Seven Movements team.  If you are lucky, you may catch him on your Health coaching consult and be able to dive into your wellness needs.

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