Seven Movements

Imagine a magic pill that relieves pain, improves your mental health, makes you stronger, and helps you live longer with a side effect of happiness.

Seven Movements teaches participants, through online programs, how to micro-dose movement throughout their day to prevent pain, increase longevity, and prepare the body for all of our favorite activities.

Our online health interventions focus on individuals that need to move more, whether it be the office, the home, after having a new baby, or after an injury, our programs offer a safe entry point to building more movement into our lives.

What started as two guys from Saskatchewan writing some books has grown into a company that is changing the landscape as it relates to exercise and health.

We believe exercise is medicine and should be prescribed as such.  For example: our Fresh Start Program is being prescribed by Physicians in Canada as part of patient care plans as we offer a gateway for individuals to build movement confidence while teaching them the health behaviors they need to succeed.


We are on a  mission to have Seven Movements health interventions prescribed by doctors across North America just as they would any other pill as part of a patient's care plan.


Our Co-Founders

Dan Tatton


John Sinclair

Dan brings with him 15 years of experience in the Health and Wellness Industry as a coach, an author, and an educator. 

Proudly born and raised in Saskatchewan dan has always been obsessed with making movement about health.  After spending time in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in a big box gym Dan quickly realized the fitness industry was missing the mark big time on serving the population that needed to move most.

Inspired by his Bauba who loved to spend time in her Garden he decided to get together with John to create an exercise program that would be accessible, accomplishable, and connect movement to the things we love doing, whatever they might be.  he always believed that structured exercise should really just be a supplement to the activities we truly enjoyed doing.

Dan connected with John and they wrote their first book Seven Movements to Keep you Gardening for Life followed by a second called Seven Movement to keep you pain-free and healthy in the Office.

Seven Movements has now grown into an online health and exercise education company focused on helping people use micro-doses of movement throughout their day to prevent pain and injury, increase longevity, and prepare their body for the activities they love.

Dan runs Seven Movements operations and is a master at Online Course design and implementation.

John Sinclair has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the aspects of sport and the management of all training dynamics (technical-tactical, physical, mental, recovery/regeneration). John has developed a very specific programming algorithm to organize and enhance biological systems for the purpose of creating resiliency.


Variability is the key to health and with careful and specific individualized programming we can significantly increase performance and drastically decrease the potential for overuse and injury.

Some highlights


- Over 20+ years of experience coaching at all levels of sport and life

- 15,000 hours of private, semi-private and team training

- Bachelors Degree in Physical Education and Sport Performance

- 15 Certificates in coaching, science, nutrition, post-rehabilitation therapy, and sport performance 

- An educator for World Class Institutions and Education             Companies and Universities

- Author of articles for major publications, websites, blogs and       books

- Programming consultant for some of the World’s largest companies in sport and fitness industries and government

- World Wide recognition for Excellence in Personal Training

- Inventor

- Master coach and educator for 7 different companies in the Fitness Industry

- Coaches athletes in professional, semiprofessional and Olympic and Paralympic games including NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, NLL, MLS, WTA, AHL, WHL

- Competed and trained in 11 different sports including Hockey, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Curling, 100m, and 200m Sprints and 100 and 400m Relays, Long Jump, Discus, Cross Country Running, Golf, Olympic Weight Lifting.

- Coached amateur hockey and baseball.

- A life-long passion for sport and physical culture. 

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