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Elevate patient care with micro-dosing exercise protocols

Enhance the care you provide to your patients by offering Seven Movements programs

Micro-dosing exercise protocols offer several advantages for both you and your patients

At Seven Movements, we've developed a unique offering - micro-dosing exercise protocols - designed to complement your practice and improve patient outcomes.

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Improved Patient Outcomes


Incorporating micro-dosing exercise into your treatment plans can lead to better patient outcomes, from enhanced physical health to improved mental well-being.



In today's busy healthcare environment, micro-dosing allows patients to achieve significant health benefits in minimal time, making it a practical and sustainable solution.

Customizable Solutions


Our protocols can be tailored to address specific patient needs, ensuring that you can provide highly personalized care.

Revenue Enhancement


By offering these innovative protocols, you have the potential to diversify your practice's services, build new pipelines and create passive revenue.  Best part: there is ZERO cost to you.

Streamlined Integration


We offer seamless integration into your practice, including comprehensive support and resources to help you incorporate micro-dosing exercise into your patient care strategies.

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Collaborating on cutting-edge research projects

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Better together


Be on the forefront of revolutionary approach to patient care, and help your patients lead healthier lives while strengthening your practice. 

Offer your patients to sign up for a Seven Movements program on your personalized landing page, making this app an extension of your healthcare offering. You will have access to their performance metrics and use them to complement your services.

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