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Micro-dose your movement

Build an exercise habit that sticks.
Get free access with you Prescription to Get Active

Getting started has never been easier

The struggle is real.  We have all experienced the challenges involved with trying to build a consistent exercise habit in our lives.  Too often we try and go too hard too fast and don't take the time to build ourselves up.

Daily Dose is a program that allows you to build a simple habit into your life while learning the foundations of exercise in just 7-minutes a day.


Prepare the body for activity

Learning to properly prepare your body and get it ready for activity can help you better enjoy exercise while preventing pain and injury.


Build consistency into your routine

Daily Dose is kept simple.  Move 7-minutes a day for 21 days.  This small commitment is the key to you building a habit for life.


Get confident in your body

This program is designed to be your starting point.   Being consistent is the key to everything in your health.  You will walk away with movement and self-care skills that serve the best movers in the world and be confident to take on more activty.

Get moving today

If you are someone who hasn't been that active in a while and is looking for a program that is accessible and accomplishable Daily Dose is the perfect way to begin.

Join the thousands of people who are micro-dosing movement into their day.

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