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An Exercise Behavior app for those who need help getting started

The world's first smart exercise prescription platform that personalizes micro-dosed movement solutions based on your tolerance for exercise in the moment

Why micro-dose movement?

Working Out at Home

Cut the dosage

Most traditional exercise programs prescribe 30-60 minute high-intensity doses of exercise to participants. That is too much stress for most people.  Micro-dosing movement allows us to minimize the dosage based on a participants' personal experience and  tolerance for exercise in the moment.

Woman Working Out

Achievable & Accessible

Anyone can do 1-7 minute movement breaks and find time to fit them into their day, wherever they are. This strategy works and is the fastest way to build a habit streak leading to sustainable health benefits.

Scientist using microscope

Zero to 1

Let's stop trying to get people to go from zero to 10 overnight. Micro-dosing movement provides an invitation to exercise and builds a habit that helps them enjoy daily pain-free movement

Daily Dose App

A safer way to exercise 

The Daily Dose app uses your current data to give you the right dosage of movement for the moment:

  • pain and/or injury

  • daily readiness score

  • chronic conditions

  • stress levels

  • equipment available

  • etc

Start moving with Daily Dose App

Your daily dose delivered on your schedule

  • Set your schedule

  • Get notifications

  • 1 or 7 minute doses

Track your progress

  • Track your health behavior

  • Celebrate accomplishments

  • Share your streaks

  • and more


Research-backed and evidence-based.

We are working with our partners at the University of British Columbia and McMaster University to build and test micro-dosing protocols to affect change in the sedentary and chronic disease communities.

Join our Coalition

In order to succeed in getting the 80% moving, we will need the support of the professionals who work with these communities.  If you are a member of one of these communities and believe in what we are doing, please, connect with us.​

  • Healthcare Practitioners

  • Exercise Professionals

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • Chronic Disease Associations

  • Government/Population Health

  • Health Insurers

  • Workplace Wellness Professionals

  • Occupational Health and Safety Officers

  • Investors

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