2018 Seven Movements

Workplace Wellness

Helping employers create spaces that make it practical, quick, and convenient for their employees to grab a 7-minute movement break.


The current state of the union in our workplaces is not positive.  We have created a culture and environment that lends itself to sitting and stagnation.  Worse yet, we have not even given workers the tools and spaces they need to bring more movement into their lives. 


The good news is that with Seven Movements we can create a workplace that serves our health rather than stealing from it.

How to work with us

.  Our customizable solutions allow us to incorporate Seven Movements into your environment and culture seamlessly.


Custom Solutions

Custom spaces and custom content.

Seven Movements integrates seamlessly into an existing Wellness program.  We can custom our spaces to fit your organization's culture and aesthetic creating a space for your employees to sneak away for 7-minutes of Self-Care through movement.

We can work with your wellness team to create custom content (7-minute movement breaks) specific to your workforce needs.  Do your employees need to build physical resiliency because of repetitive physical work?  Do they need a space to escape to energize with a quick 7-minute movement snack?  Let's build a program together that will bring your team together while giving them the movement and self-care knowledge they need to stay healthy in the workplace.

Seven Movements

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