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Bring movement to your workplace

Our workplace wellness programs are designed to engage your workforce  We believe movement and wellness are better done together so everything we do is centred around community and education.  Our programs can be run individually or combined to create larger ongoing wellness program.



A free community for your employees

The Seven Movements Wellness Collective is a free space for your employees to access free and paid resources including virtual health coaching, exercise coaching, dietitian services, and mental health counselling.  The best part: we can create a community within our larger community just for your employees.  They can access the entire collective as well as any custom programming we build for your organization.  All are accessed through an app virtually.  And yes it is 100% free for companies of any size.


Teammate Program

Ready to give your online meetings a boost?  Have one of our coaches show up live for a 7-minute movement snack at the beginning of your zoom meetings to give a quick movement break combined with a small wellness lesson.

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Change in 30 Program

Want to run a wellness challenge?  Change in 30 supports employees on a 30-day challenge of behaviour change.  They pick one habit in and one habit out while getting support and accountability for 30 days.  All run within the collective community.


Sit-Less move More

Our staple program.  An online program that gives employees 21 unique 7-minute movement solutions they can do right at the desk to prevent and eliminate pain and increase their energy.  A fan favourite and does well running in conjunction with a Change in 30 Challenge.


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