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At Seven Movements we are focused on creating innovative, engaging, and effective programs that bring people together and support an organization's wellness efforts.

In a world that is becoming more disconnected, we focus on creating programs that bring people together around healthy behaviors.

The only way we see that is happening is by providing support for those employees and practitioners that are working to help create healthier workplaces every day.

Our Workplace Wellness Services

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Teammate Program

What is it?

Teammate brings employees together once a day for a live 7-minute movement session with one of our Seven Movement coaches via zoom. 
Why you need it?

We believe there is power in connection.  Bringing employees together once a day for a live movement session rally's your team around a common goal, allows employees to connect once a day.  Replays are saved and emailed out for those who miss a session. 
Who is it for?

The cool thing about Teammate is it can scale to any size of the team and is perfect for the hybrid workplace.  Whether employees are at the office or at home they can join for a quick 7-minute movement snack.  This can stand alone or integrate into a larger wellness initiative.
Make it your own

Our coaches will work with your wellness team to customize the movement sessions and messaging to your organizational needs.  For example: If you are seeing a lot of back pain in the office can focus the movement sessions on back pain prevention. if you are trying to rally your organization around a particular message or initiative we can have our coaches weave it into their daily message.  
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Change in 30

What is it?

Change in 30 is a 30-day challenge-based course that helps employees build healthy habits in their lives.  Employees choose one healthy habit in and one bad habit out and commit to tracking and implementing those behavior change over 30 days.  They get access to 4 live workshops, digital resources, access to 1:1 coaching support, and become a member of the Change in 30 community for support and connection (app).
Why you need it?
Challenges are a fun way to get employees engaged in wellness.  Change in 30 allows employees to pick habits that will make an impact in their lives and then give them the support, accountability, and skills to make healthy changes in their lives.  This is a great way for your leaders to participate in a program with employees and model the way for your organization.
Who is it for?

The best thing about Change in 30 is that it is the perfect solution for a remote or hybrid workplace, anyone can participate from anywhere.  A great solution for organizations who are trying to build and kickstart a culture of wellness in their organization.
Make it your own

While participants usually pick their own habits to change we can work with organizations around implementing habits to supplement current wellness initiatives.  Change in 30 can integrate perfectly into existing wellness programs and be something you run a couple of times a year to engage employees.

Micro-Dosing Movement On-Demand Programs

What is it?

A 21-day online course that will teach employees 21 unique 7-minute doses of movement that they can perform at their desk to practice self-care throughout their workday.
Why you need it?

Sedentary workplaces do significant damage to the physical and mental health of employees.  This course gives employees 21 micro-doses of movement they can do right at their desks to combat sitting disease.  Back pain, headaches, forearm pain, and shoulder pain are just some of the solutions employees will experience in this program.  Best part, they get to keep the course for life.
Who is it for?

This program is perfect for any organization that has employees spending time sitting down.  PErfect for remote and hybrid workforces this program will give employees the tools they need to practice self-care at their desk.
Make it your own

This on-demand program can be delivered through our platform or licensed and included on an existing employee's wellness portal.

Virtual Wellness Services

What is it?

We offer virtual wellness services including: Health coaching, Dietician Services, Exercise coaching, and Mental Health coaching
Why it is different?

We believe in the power of team and expertise at Seven Movements.  When you work with our practitioners at Seven Movements they become part of your wellness team that works together to support your wellness plan.  This way you get a consistent supportive message across your wellness practicioners.
Who is it for?

Many employers are choosing to provide wellness benefits to their employees.  The benefit of working with Seven Movements we will put together a wellness team for your organization at whatever scale you need.  Because we are virtual your employees can get all of their wellness services in one place from a team working together to support their well-being.
Make it your own

The benefit to having a wellness team is your organization's wellness team will be able to communicate with them.  Is your organization seeing a trend?  They can share that with our team.  Are there injuries or exercise coaches are seeing?  They can share with your team.  Need a group program based on a need within your organization?  You now have the expertise to put it together. Having a team of experts at your disposal will change how you are able to engage employees in your wellness program.


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