Our Story

Our founders Dan Tatton and John Sinclair created Seven Movements as a response to a fitness industry they felt was leaving too many people behind.  With a combined 40 years of experience in the industry, they were no strangers to the different programs that have been successful over the years.  The problem as they saw it?  All of these programs really served people who were already exercising.

Seven Movements is an exercise intervention for everyone and anyone.  We can all find more time to move in our day and we can all benefit from adding more bouts of movement into our day.  At Seven Movements we are laser-focused on creating an exercise intervention that will impact health at a population level.  The time to make exercise snacking a social norm in our homes, our workplaces, and anywhere else we go has come. 

Our Online Community

We partnered with some of our favourite partners to create a free community to serve all aspects of your wellness. Join our Seven Movements Wellness Collective today.

Meet Our Team


Dan Tatton

President & CEO

Dan runs things here at Seven Movements.  He has an obsession with making the complex simple and making it easy for people to stay healthy.


John Sinclair

Chief Movement Engineer/ VP of Health and Performance

John does everything movement and exercise at Seven Movements.  If you see it on our platform you know John and his 20 years of expertise have had his eyes on it.  John also provides health and exercise coaching to a select number of people each year.

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Giovanni Roselli

Health and Exercise Coach

Giovanni is a master presenter and an exercise coach here at Seven Movements.  If you are looking for a high level of motivation to go with a high level of expertise Giovanni is the perfect coach for you.  He takes a limited number of exercise coaching clients each year.

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Igor Terzic

Chief Technology Officer

Igor is the brains behind the technology we are developing at Seven Movements to deliver our content.  He is also a master tester of micro-dosing movement.


Amanda Joy

Mental Health Coach

Amanda is our resident Mental Health Coach.  You will find her inside the Seven Movements Wellness Collective helping community members navigate their mental well-being

Our Partners