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Health and Movement Coaching

Get Certified as a Seven Movements Coach

Level 1 Certification : Getting Self-Care Certified

What really sets our platform apart from other wellness platforms is that we do not allow any one on the platform unless they are certified or working with a Level 2 or 3 certified coach.  We want 100% of our participants to be successful!

Our Level 1 certification is for anyone who wants to use our platform on their own.  It runs at the beginning of every month and includes:

  • a 30 day free trial on the platform where you will build your program

  • A group session ( 90 mins) at the beginning where you will learn the fundamentals of micro-dosing movement and how to build a program for yourself

  • Access to our Seven Movements level 1 coaches community

  • 1:1 coaching call near the end of your trial to overview the program you built with one of our level 3 coaches

  • A graduation group call at the end of the month with opportunity for Q & A

Level 2 Certification : Caregiver Certification

Are you a caregiver for someone who could benefit from our program?

Our level 2 certification will empower you to use our platform and build a program for someone in your care.

It includes everything in the Level 1 certification with the inclusion of an additional session on working with those with limitations to exercise delivered by our very own John Sinclair.

This certification will give you a unique permission to our platform so you are able to oversee another member in your care.

Level 3 Certification : Become a Seven Movements Coach

This is our certification to become a Seven Movements coach.

Perfect for practitioners of all kinds who want to add a movement program to their offerings.

You will have the opportunity to work directly with Seven Movements on our platform with your clients OR will have the option of licensing our platform and white labelling a platform under your own brand.


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