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Add Coaching to your Seven Movements Journey

Starting a new exercise regimen can be difficult. 

At Seven Movements we offer two levels of support.

Habit Building Program

This is a remote coaching program where you will spend one 60 minute session with your coach.

We will set up your personalized program on our Coaching app where you will be able to get reminders to stay accountable and track progress.

You can set up a weekly, monthly, or quarterly check-in sessions with your coach based on your needs.



$25 month

Hands on program

First of all,  this requires a week in Florida to spend with our very own John Sinclair.

During that week you will spend 4 - 1 hour sessions in John's studio: the Hive.

Here you will learn all of the Self-Care strategies we teach in Seven Movements from the Master himself and walk away with a personalized plan.

You can then be set up on our Habit Building program to maintain accountability and track progress.


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